We have over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of plastic injection mould tools.


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What Do We Do?

MOULD TOOL DESIGN Ltd. offers a wide range of CAD interfacing capability, and is able to work with most  popular CAD software packages and interface standards. 

This means we are happy to work either from scratch or with your existing designs and data.

We have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of plastic injection mould tools; ranging from basic aluminium prototype tooling to fully hardened multi-cavity production tools. Over the years we have worked on numerous projects in many different manufacturing sectors such as: automotive; electronic; electrical; medical; military; packaging; children's toys; household goods; in fact, just about everything.

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We have expertise in all areas of mould design including: hot nozzles; hot runner systems (single point and multi-drop); unscrewing tools; side cores; up & aways; two stage ejection; hydraulic core pulling and more.

We offer CAD drawing and design services, specifically aimed at the Plastic Injection Mould sector of manufacturing; using the latest 3D modelling and drawing techniques. Our primary CAD package is Vero International's Visi-Mould, a market leader in the mould making area of CAD. Using Visi-Mould we can quickly produce an entire mould design in 3D to your specifications & requirements.



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